In the past, I was never able to travel. I haven’t visited another country and I’ve barely seen the United States, and in a world of social media – I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others, but to be honest, feeling behind is just jealousy disguised as contempt. I know that feeling all too well, but the key is to realize that your journey is just beginning. It’s so easy to get stuck in an InstaHole and to scroll past other’s milestones, while you’re just sitting in your pajamas eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles wondering why life is passing you by. After watching Meg Jay’s Ted Talk: Why 30 is not the New 20, it changed how I relate to society and myself. I needed to build personal collateral to better myself and my stained-ridden sweats were not cutting it and it’s not for you either (You can do it!). Do little things each day that makes you a better person and eventually you’ll be able to afford a trip to a destination – not any, let’s be reasonable, but a destination that is adding personal worth and growth.

Today, I am able to say that I’m finally going somewhere outside of New England!  I never thought I’d get an opportunity like this, but thanks to faith, hope, and love I am finally on my way to see Colorado.  I am going to do what I love and feel at peace with myself. I get to have my own vacation with the person I love and that dark, dark place I used to call home – has now seen the light from above the clouds.

See you in the mountains,


P.S. Ralph Waldo Emerson inspires me to write about the beauty that is Nature and he travelled a lot in his time – I know this because I was the only 22 (at the time) year-old on a tour of his house 🙂

The Truth is in the Trash (A Quick Read)


You, yeah you, do you know much trash people consume in a week?

Well, according to SaveOnEnergy the average American tosses 4.4 tons of trash every. single. day. which means we fill about 63,000 garbage trucks – that’s a lot of trash and gas being consumed.

Now I am not going to preach and tell you to change your habits because we live in a world of mass consumption (that’s another story), but I am going to remind you that we do share this world with other people and species.

Having someone tell you to change is probably just as effective as me trying to complete a math problem; you end up frustrated and hopeless. I just know that as a community, we can do better.

I have faith in people & I know that we can change our habits if we realize the impact our actions have on others. Be conscious of what you put in the trash because one day it could be outside your door.



Video of the Day: How Wolves Change Rivers #FridayVideo (4:33)

Wild gray Wolf- a truly wild (non-captive) wolf photo. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Photo Credit: Mark Miller / Alamy

Every Friday, I will post a video relating to ecosystems, climate change, or nature in general. I believe it is important to remain educated and to help destabilize anthropocentrism because we are in a connected system, which we are wholly dependent on for survival.


Anyways, this video has had such an influence on me this year. In 1995, wolves were re-introduced to Yellowstone National Park and changed the landscape of the park by doing what they do best – hunting. When wolves hunt certain species (deer) they help sustain an environment that is beneficial to a community of species and promote a healthy feedback system. It took 70 years to reintroduce wolves, and by that time deer were munching away at the vegetation as if they were at a breakfast buffet. By reintroducing wolves, they helped save vegetation and helped change the behavior of the deer to create a sustainable ecosystem.

I don’t want to give anything away, so give it a watch. The link below will take you to a quick video (4:33) and be prepared to have your mind blown. This helps everyone to understand how crucial it is to create a sustainable environment for all earth’s creatures!

How Wolves Change Rivers

Getting Out of the Woods #Fights



You’ve gotten into a fight with your S.O. & you can feel the anger building like a fire. You hate this person and swear to never love again – well, relax my fellow Drama Queens because I’m going to share a tidbit or two.

I’ve been in a relationship for 6 years – SIX – and let me tell you, we’ve had some blowouts. But we’ve remained a team throughout every “I hate you” because we decide to make it work. We do not look at each other as boyfriend and girlfriend; instead, we call each other partners. I’m no longer in the honeymoon stage but my relationship is better than ever because we’ve made a pact to stick together. It’s taken us a few years to get it right, and a few moments in the quiet corner, but we’ve made a plan that helps defuse any tense situation. So, here are some tips for my fellow hotheads!

  • First – TAKE A BREATHER!
    • Do something for you, like take a bath, read, write, or blog – anything that will help you calm down. Music, poetry, and a bath bomb (be careful not to soak in it too long otherwise you have another set of problems to deal with) are my go-to!
  • Find a space that will allow you to speak freely, but also makes you monitor what is going to come out of your mouth.
    • Obviously, if the situation is so heated that step 1 doesn’t work, then remain in your bubble until you are at a healthy level of anger. We choose to go for walks around the block, or even sit in the backyard. Nature is a great remedy to any ailment and controlling emotions is one of them! I know these steps seem hard in practice, but I’m telling you – it works!
  • Mediate the situation as if you were talking to a toddler fighting over who gets to play with the toy first.
    • Don’t be condescending. That’s not the point. Rather use clear, precise language. Say things like “I know that you feel this way, but let me explain where I am coming from.”  Or “Well, I get what you are saying, but now it’s my turn to speak.” Changing how I talk to my S.O. has helped us get past many stupid fights. As long as you are both on the same page, this will work!
  • Do something for yourself again! 
    • Treat yo’ self!  You just defused a tense situation! Practicing mindfulness after this exchange will help you to understand what went wrong and allow you to take in the lesson that you’ve learned. I turn to writing for everything, so this is where I’ll break out my pen and write about all the positives that came from the situation. Be grateful that you fixed a problem and feel proud of yourself for not giving up!
  • If you are not at this stage then here is a quick tip:
    • Write an email, text, or any other form of messenger to communicate how you feel. Both of you will not feel pressure, and it gives you a chance to voice what is wrong with no interruptions– can you believe it! You both can take in each other’s side without trying to think of a comeback on the spot!

My tips are easy and simple. Fights are not. No fight is the same, but looking at the situation as if you were mediating a fight between two children is helpful, and probably a reflection of the mindset you were in before you took positive action haha.

My S.O and I have changed for each other, but I never would have guessed we’d be so happy because we used to fight in such a toxic manner.

You see the progress, not in a day, but over time.

Today, he kissed me out of the blue in a brazen flame of swoonery. So much so, that I quickly envisioned myself as Cinderella, and he my handsome prince (did I really just write that). I no longer hold him in contempt and he no longer thinks that I am being dramatic because we learned to communicate. Happiness is yours if you rewire how you think!

After 6 years, I love him more than I did in the beginning and we’ve become a root that’s taken hold to form a tree. If you stay positive, work through the struggles, and stick with it, you too can get that kiss 😉

Motivational Videos

If you need a pick-me-up on this rainy day, check these videos out!



In honor of motivational Monday, what better way to get the week started then to listen to some of the best motivational speeches from the most inspiring, successful speakers. I have incorporated these into my daily routine for almost two years now and I truly believe it has trained my brain into always pushing myself out of my comfort zone, to always go after what I believe in/ what I want, to never make excuses for my own actions, and to never blame my circumstances for my misfortunes. I think we all need daily reminders to take chances, that it is okay to make mistakes and to always get back up when things have not gone the way you want them to be. It is discouraging to not be where you want to be, but never stay at that state of mind, always keep moving forward and most importantly…

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How to Shop Eco-friendly (quick tip)

Hi! I am excited to write this post because I just came from a wonderful experience.

There are plenty of ways to go green when it comes to shopping, and the biggest one is by avoiding fast-fashion! Stay away from the low quality, slave-laboured designs of stores like Primark, H&M (don’t feel too guilty because, I, too own clothes from them),  and other name brands because mass consumption is hell for those we cannot see. We consume when we don’t need to and we buy when we don’t have to.

So, how do you shop eco-friendly – by not shopping at all! By getting into the habit of asking friends for clothes they would otherwise discard, and some of the products you will get will be high-end quality! Woo!

My closet and style has grown since I’ve started this trend and let me tell you – I’ve never been more ready for the summer 😉

Sorry, this post isn’t that great, but I just wanted to share with you my experience in hopes to help ease consumer guilt!


The Chorus of Life


Sit still.



In a hypnosis of a descending form,

mesmerized by the distilled song.

No longer entranced by a bitter source,

allowing Nature to take its course.



Think of Life’s jubilation,

and give each Petal its admiration.

Yellow trumpets dance in delight,

mesmerized by the nourished song.


Breathe the aroma of Petrichor,

and feel the gods origin,

as you get closer to great riches,

forget your place and the forbidden

for nothing may challenge a Tree during a storm.

Sit still and admonish the Falling Form

hypnotized by a drip-drop song.

No longer encumbered by mortal sin,

giving Nature its violin –

The song plays on …



Sun Fairies


Glowing is the secret to life’s re-source,

Gold and brawn at its source.

Dancing fairies deliver delight

and take away my mundane plights.

Always surrounded by a warm embrace,

chasing away life’s constant disgrace.

Confound by her reactive attraction,

rejoicing in her benefaction.

I find life and mutual jubilation.