In the past, I was never able to travel. I haven’t visited another country and I’ve barely seen the United States, and in a world of social media – I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others, but to be honest, feeling behind is just jealousy disguised as contempt. I know that feeling all too well, but the key is to realize that your journey is just beginning. It’s so easy to get stuck in an InstaHole and to scroll past other’s milestones, while you’re just sitting in your pajamas eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles wondering why life is passing you by. After watching Meg Jay’s Ted Talk: Why 30 is not the New 20, it changed how I relate to society and myself. I needed to build personal collateral to better myself and my stained-ridden sweats were not cutting it and it’s not for you either (You can do it!). Do little things each day that makes you a better person and eventually you’ll be able to afford a trip to a destination – not any, let’s be reasonable, but a destination that is adding personal worth and growth.

Today, I am able to say that I’m finally going somewhere outside of New England!  I never thought I’d get an opportunity like this, but thanks to faith, hope, and love I am finally on my way to see Colorado.  I am going to do what I love and feel at peace with myself. I get to have my own vacation with the person I love and that dark, dark place I used to call home – has now seen the light from above the clouds.

See you in the mountains,


P.S. Ralph Waldo Emerson inspires me to write about the beauty that is Nature and he travelled a lot in his time – I know this because I was the only 22 (at the time) year-old on a tour of his house 🙂

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