Repost- Go After What You Want but Don’t Forget Your Health!

Do what you love. You reap a great sense of accomplishment and joy when you chase your passion—something you will do even if you aren’t paid. Following your passion allows you to gain skills in areas in which you are already strong and will push you to become better. Read: 5 Ways On How You […]

Never let anyone diminish your dreams. I’m living mine by posting my poetry and thoughts (maybe my fiction, in due time).

I just want to say thank you, all of you, for the support. I promise to keep posting but not while I am on vacation (maybe pictures). I believe that electronics are a no-go on vacation because we all need to detach from our phones/laptops. That does not mean that I’m not focused on my goal, but I am focused on my mental health as well.

I am going to live and enjoy every second of my dream vacation.

Enjoy Millionaire’s Digest post because I am official checked out 🙂

via 3 Keys to Increasing Your Confidence & Finding Your Meaning In Life (1 min read) — Millionaire’s Digest

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