Why do we accept negativity as the norm? Why do we applaud cynics and condemn idealist? Everywhere I have worked I’ve been the butt of the joke because of my “bubbly” personality. I’ve been called a blonde, ignorant, and naive by those who do not know my story. I chose to be happy because bad things can happen at any moment and I’d rather walk with happiness than run from it. Being happy and seeing the best in every situation is a gift that takes years to work on, but when you get it right, you feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

I like to compare my emotions (specifically, happiness) to a construction site, where the contractor finds out that the last electrician who worked on the job did a shoddy job. There are sparks everywhere and it’s a complete hazard zone for those wishing to reside in this tiny, comfortable space. You tape the burned wires for an immediate fix, but you slowly work to replace the old system with a new one– A permanent solution is much more effective than a temporary one. You can do this with the help of another electrician, whom you trust, to fix and teach you the ways of electric currents and discover a new way to not get hurt on the job. Once the professional is done – you have real estate ready to go!

By thinking of happiness this way, I’ve realized that it takes work and dedication, and (sometimes) the help of a professional to help you find your ideal elation.

I used to be that person who made fun of the yoga, hippie, always-incessant-happy types because I was jealous of them. I thought it was impossible to have Happiness in the driver’s seat of emotions because I’ve been programmed to believe that happiness is a weakness. We think of glee as the TV show, where nothing goes wrong and good always prevails, but happiness is smiling when things go wrong and things do not work out. It’s choosing to accept reality for what it is, but laughing at it despite its flaws. So, I say be the happy person you want to be and do not let anyone bring you down.

Much love on this beautiful day – and thank you for reading. I hope you found some happiness in this post and on your journey.

Xo- Kelsie

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