How to Shop Eco-friendly (quick tip)

Hi! I am excited to write this post because I just came from a wonderful experience.

There are plenty of ways to go green when it comes to shopping, and the biggest one is by avoiding fast-fashion! Stay away from the low quality, slave-laboured designs of stores like Primark, H&M (don’t feel too guilty because, I, too own clothes from them),  and other name brands because mass consumption is hell for those we cannot see. We consume when we don’t need to and we buy when we don’t have to.

So, how do you shop eco-friendly – by not shopping at all! By getting into the habit of asking friends for clothes they would otherwise discard, and some of the products you will get will be high-end quality! Woo!

My closet and style has grown since I’ve started this trend and let me tell you – I’ve never been more ready for the summer 😉

Sorry, this post isn’t that great, but I just wanted to share with you my experience in hopes to help ease consumer guilt!


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