Don’t Count My Meekness for Weakness


Photo Credit: The Telegraph

“I lack self-confidence. I don’t know whether I shall ever get it. Perhaps it is better to be unsure of yourself, as I am. But it is very tiring” – Audrey Hepburn (Audrey: The 60’s)

Let’s unpack this quote:

Even Audrey Hepburn felt that she was afflicted by a lack of self-confidence, and she even believed that it made her a stronger person. When searching for a quote to explain why I am obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, this one stands out because I could relate to it the most. I grew up being the awkward-damsel-in-distress, on a quest to find the elusive mother figure to save me from the plights of grades K-12. I didn’t need a man – I needed a woman who understood me.

That’s where Ms. Hepburn comes in. My self-confidence was as fragile as a snowstorm in June, and each compliment I would give myself was like a snowflake trying to find its place in the Sahara.

Audrey Hepburn is more than just a pretty face, who starred in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (her least favorite role*), she is a role model for women who never quite feel sure of themselves. Now, more-so than ever, there is a need to be a #BossGirl and I’ve certainly felt the pressure that stems from attempting to be a power player in a lottery gone rogue. There is a one-sided trope that women are supposed to be everything at once, but sometimes meekness is a girl’s best weapon (Note: I am always proud of #BossGirls).

We’ve been informed by countless magazines, celebrities, and pieces of literature that being passive, timid, and serene has no place in modern society, but I see nothing wrong with being meek. Being meek gives a girl space to find her voice, but it also allows her to achieve empathy.  I’m not saying that a woman should be submissive, but weakness and meekness are not the same.

Being unsure of yourself means that you are on a journey of self-discovery, and in my case, it helped me understand that what others deem as “too sensitive” was just a synonym for emotional-consciousness. My over-powering feeling of self-doubt has caused me to understand myself in ways that I didn’t think possible. I care about the world because I care too much about others.

Now – do not get this confused for being weak or submissive because I’ve worked hard to find my voice. People who are meek have a hard time finding ways to stand up for themselves, but when you achieve a balance – your meekness is not weakness – it is tranquillity.  The #BossGirls run the world, but the #MeekGirls feel the world. Being self-conscious means you are on your way to self-discovery.

This path is not easy, and as Audrey says “is very tiring”, but when you work on yourself and fight the passivity of self-doubt, you can accomplish great things, like working for UNICEF.  Self-consciousness causes us to relate to the world in a different way but we can still accomplish great things. Audrey knew that she was self-conscious but she never let that nagging kill-joy bog her possibilities down. She turned her self-doubt into philanthropy and helped bring attention to the devastating effects of poverty. It may take you a little longer to get to the end of your journey, but you examine the world through rose-colored glasses and change the world. Never be ashamed for being meek, but never stand still in submission because you have WORK to do!

I wrote this for the girls who feel bad about being self-conscious. Never be ashamed of how you feel because it will only endanger your progress. Defeat your wicked little man to inspire change in the world and don’t forget – that even someone like Audrey Hepburn harbored feelings of doubt.

*I’ve read every biography on her and I need to show off my knowledge somewhere lol


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