Wicked Falls


Wicked, wicked, little man

your fingers creep on tortured skin,

Tracing the scars of the damned

with no regard to innocence.

Wicked, wicked, little man

wilting flowers in full bloom,

Burning nights with silver daggers,

howling at the moon.

Wicked, wicked, little man

-you’ve come too soon-

Departing from your midnight scowl,

with spells of scorched tears.

Wicked, wicked, little man –

creeping, crawling, demolishing

Diana in full bloom.

Hunting the huntress

as  she navigates through the haze

of her children’s battle wounds.

Wicked, wicked, little man

You forget the power of the new moon.

The cloudless nights put up a fight

to forsake your muculent control.

The desolate are saved,

by the luminous bow of Artemis,

no longer ambushed by the wicked little man-

for he is now just a  ruined, little man.

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